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Systematic and Coordinated Chronic Care Pathways

"For the longest time, the coordination of care has been placed on patients and not providers or the healthcare system. Patients get lost in the shuffle."

Kay Mach,

Assistant Director of Nursing,

Sisters of the Holy Cross

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Healthcare system was structured to deliver short-term, acute care.
As people with chronic conditions rises, now estimated at 84M, and the CDC estimates another 21M people may have lasting health issues from COVID-19 infections.
The healthcare system's current design does not systematically support chronic management nor preventative care and patient wellbeing.


Adherence & Inertia

Coordinating care for chronic disease management falls to the Patient and their Primary Care Physician both ill-equipped for preventative care versus acute care.


The practitioner has a silo'ed view of the patient and their care pathway.


Under optimization and utilization of care plans cause missed profitability opportunities for practitioners.



Systematically automating the comprehensive spectrum of the care continue,, medical care, community resources, and administrative functions.


Provide a universal view with actionable data of the patient inclusive of their customized care plan.


Healthcare patterns combined with AI will enable doctors to optimize revenue and patients to maximize the services available to them.

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For Care Teams

Easily individualized Care plans which automatically manage and optimize patient visits, monitoring their data, and even coordinating non-clinical social resources


Increase practice revenues and profits, with less admin hours, and without physician burnout

For patients

Better health while eliminating the stress of managing your care plan

For paYors

Reduce chronic care expenses and improve outcomes by supporting and monitoring patient adherence to best practice care plans

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